Voluntary Sacrifice 3

Do Voluntary Sacrifice of Extravaganza

Here is the connection between “Cool the Globe” action & Principled Simplicity


We waste natural resources by using them up


We waste human resource by not using it


We should use more human resource to save natural resources.


This is possible on our readiness to lead a simple life. Principled Simplicity guides you how you can lead a simple but happy life , helping conservation more importantly cutting pollution happening on account of excess consumerism.

We want to lead more and more comfortable life. We forget that our children will  not have even minimum comforts but they will lead a life full of hardships. We should sacrifice our extravaganza at once.

Principled Simplicity can be considered as a guide , concept , methodology and an organisation to spread the message among the masses. 

Take the great men of the world who lived and some of them are still living.

They were all different by race, colour, religion , language and economic status. But they were same in practising simplicity and they were all personification of Simplicity. Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Confucius, Mahavir, Guru Nanak , Bahaullah, Zoroaster, and Jacob.

Take the great leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King , Nelson Mandela , Abdul Kalam  who lived simple life.


All the great scientists , thinkers , philosophers, writers were all known for their austere life.

What about you?

Apart from simple life leads to combating Global Warming , know what are its other benefits?



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