Ways to be Simple
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Chapter IX
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" - Confucius
Attitude Simplicity
Threatening pomp and a soothing simplicity
I happened to go to the bungalow of a very rich man. His house was decorated with the best of carpets, tiles, paints, furniture, chandeliers, etc. But I observed cob-webs around, dust and some food plates thrown beside the costliest sofas around. I felt that even though this man wanted to display his wealth, he could not maintain and keep the premises clean.

The very next week I happened to go to an ex-hockey player, an Anglo-Indian gentleman at Perambur. His house was small, with modest decoration and furnishings. But the walls were white and clean. There was this writing, “GOD IS LOVE” hanging on the wall. Apart from the wooden chairs, a simple wooden bench adorned the corner space of the hall, which was covered with embroidered linen, nice and pressed.

To my surprise, the bench had a small bottle atop, with some clean water and a money plant grown in it! In the centre, they had a small table, which again was covered with a decorative cloth, topped up with a small bouquet of fresh pretty flowers. Normal bamboos and cane twigs had been converted to ornamental pieces, which hung on the walls. These I was told were hand-made by the lady of the house!

This or that?
I just could not hold myself comparing these two houses. The few minutes I sat in the bungalow mentioned earlier, made me feel like hell and lasting, but here in this ex-player’s house, the full hour I sat just went off like a minute! The house etched a permanent memory as a fresh and a happy habitat in my mind forever!

You can also compare these two houses. You do not need money, to have a serene and soothing atmosphere and decoration. What one need is a clean and calm environment.

Just pouring in money cannot decorate your house. If it is maintained improperly and kept untidy, the house will be a hell. Although a simple ten rupee worth vase or an artifact can make the house look good, but only if we keep it right and clean. Simple and elegant are the key words.

Do not envy your neighbour or do not get competing with him in accumulating wealth. You should not be the example for other money mongers or extravagant persons. You can as well think otherwise. You and your neighbour, can read this book on ‘principled simplicity’, discuss and adopt this method for a simple and elegant life. Compete in saving. Live and let live together.

Succeeding this success spread the word around your place, your village or area. Develop the methodology to improve the standards of our fellow brethren and try to save nature and its constituents for our future generation. Live happily and while leaving, leave behind such a healthy environment for the future.
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