Ways to be Simple
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Chapter XII
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci
Attitudinal Simplicity
Gift the gifts as a service to God
A well-known philanthropist, Mr. N.K.T. Muthu was known for his charitable attitude. People were surprised that when his son got married, he never mentioned in the wedding card that gifts needed be avoided. So they had no other way, but to carry expensive gifts to the marriage. To the surprise of all, there was a small counter near the marriage dais. It was marked as 'Helping hands' the name of a well-known orphanage. All who went to the marriage with gifts were guided straight to that counter and the volunteers there happily received the gifts as donation! The donors now knew where the gifts were going. They felt blessed and happy. So were the marriage couple, their relatives and last but not the least, were the beneficiaries, of the 'Helping hands' orphanage.

Here is Vellore Srinivasan's excellent gift scheme
Vellore Srinivasan is one among the youth as dreamt by Swami Vivekananda. If we get another ninety nine Srinivasans, I am sure India will attain the Numero Uno status among all nations! Go to the city of Vellore, in India, to know more about this young gentleman, Srinivasan. You will be surprised, seeing him. This finest task master, the right brained Srinivasan has implemented one of the best wedding gifts scheme, I have ever seen.

He urges the host to print the message in the invitation urging them to adopt a calf or he takes donations from the invitees. He then gives a printed greeting to the couple about his guest's donation to the cause and wishes to the couple.

The male calves are shunned by the owners, as they do not yield milk. These are sold to butchers for meat. Srinivasan and his men adopt such hapless calves and breed them in their farm. The green waste and leaves thrown from hotels and restaurants, hostels are collected as fodder to these calves. The calves excrete cow dung. The cow dung in turn is converted to bio-manure and bio- fertilizer! So, by usefully converting all discards – the calf, the wasteland and the excreta as bio-manures, he conserves the environment and also saves the lives of the calves. What a noble and innovative thought!

The master mind to adopt the calves is the one of Mr. Satheesh, who follows the principles of the great Saint Ramalinga Adigal, who preached, "See the Great light, through love" i.e., Love is God. These lucky calves do face death one day, naturally with age and not by butchery.

Save trees as wedding gift
On similar lines, ExNoRa also has a Save tree scheme as a wedding gift. We in ExNoRa encourage planting trees as a grand scheme. In last two hundred years, we have lost more than 90% of the trees we had. To compensate the loss, each one of us should plant at least one tree a day! As mentioned earlier, money towards tree planting can be donated to ExNoRa and the certificate to that effect can be given to the married couple like hereunder.
Groom:   Bride:
Date: Day: Place:
We wish the couple a happy married life. Let the almighty shower the choicest blessings on them. On behalf of this lovely couple, we announce through this appreciation certificate, that we have donated Rs. ______ favouring ExNoRa for their ' Save Trees project".
    (signed) The donor's name
This certificate can be presented to the couple on stage.

Those who wish to sponsor or donate for this 'Save Trees' project can contact:
The General Secretary,
ExNoRa International
#40, Rams Apartments,
Vijayaraghava Road,
T. Nagar, Chennai 600017.
Tel: 91-44- 2363 8877 / 2815 3377

Such certificates can be also be framed and gifted.

The couple themselves can support such causes
The couple themselves can support both the schemes mentioned above. They can announce those who intend to gift, about these schemes and encourage donors to support ExNoRa and give the certificates to them as gift, which they would cherish forever. How happy they may feel when they recollect that they could collect a sizeable amount towards conservation of nature and animals? The donors' name can also be announced in public system so that this good message spreads far and wide.

Saplings in place of coconut
Instead of coconuts being given as thanks giving gift, in marriages, one can give away tree or plant saplings to the guests. Tree saplings are ones like mango, neem and coconut, but plant saplings are those like vegetable plants, ornamental plants, which can be grown in limited space like flats, apartments, etc. (To get the full details of all plants read my book "Enjoy and make other happy")

  • Keep four colours of recycled bags:
  • Green: Sapling that can be grown in homes
  • Blue: Saplings suitable for planting on common places, road side, etc
  • Yellow: Vegetable saplings that can be grown in pots and indoors
  • Purple: Ornamental plant saplings that can be grown indoors
  • We can ask the guests to choose among these types. The bag will have the details of how to plant and maintain the sapling. These saplings mostly are economical than the coconuts we normally give away for guests who attend marriages
  • How many marriages are happening around! How many attend these marriages. Imagine that all of them resort to such a useful cause; the whole world would turn into a garden! Instead of blindly following rituals and system for the sake of doing, just think and act sensibly and work for the upliftment of the society and save nature
  • Other miscellaneous expenses in a marriage
  • Dresses, music party, decorations, etc
  • Alternate for the dress
  • People spend lavishly for dresses. Simple yet elegant dress can be worn. Dresses which reflect Indian culture and add a respect to the attired can be tried. The marriage hall, big musical band procession, the crackers, car, marriage vessels, high-voltage arc lights, aren't they rented? If someone wants a posh dress or a floral gear, they can rent such dresses too!
The decorations and embellishments can also be simpler. The money thus saved can be spent on gifting uniforms for poor children. The money we normally spend for the groom's wedding coat and suit can accommodate the expenses of almost fifty school uniforms!
  • May be if you have a budget of ten lakhs for a marriage, you may end up spending only three lakhs by following the simpler way.
The balance seven lakhs can be deposited in a bank in the name of the couple. Would they curse you for this? Certainly not. On the contrary, they will feel happy. The pomp and show will also be avoided. The money thus saved can be handy throughout their lives in case of emergencies.

The money will make the couple plan and live comfortably. This will help them into admitting their children in a good school.

  • Will help as a safe money or deposit for their children's' higher studies
  • Will allow them to help the poor and needy
Principled Simplicity Statement
Those who conduct a marriage in a modest and an economic manner need not bother about what the world tells at them. Maybe, you can print on the card the heading, "Principled Simple Marriage". The banner that displays the wedding couple name can also bear a tag line below as, "Principled Simple marriage"
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