Ways to be Simple
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Chapter VIII
"What we believe is heavily influenced by what we think others
believe" - Thomas Gilovich
Behavioral Simplicity – Be Cool
There is a Tamil saying, "An overnight filthy rich, holds an umbrella even for a midnight moon!'. It is a fact that these 'sudden rich and snobbish' act worsens their normal life.

A sudden rich man asked the guy across the watch show room, not about the life of the watch, or its technicalities, but "Which is the most expensive watch in your showroom?" He bought the costliest one.

He did not buy for himself but insisted the sales man that none other than him should wear that particular branded watch, and must not be sold to anyone else! As it is costlier, does it show more time than what is normal. How snobbish and arrogant these filthy sudden rich ones are!

Another rich man had three children, who studied in the same school, but he chose to send them to a nearby school that was within two-kilometer radius, by an individual car for each child! Separate drivers drove the vehicles and brought them back. Just not far away is a slum area, where children live in penury and most of them have no clothes to wear or enough food to eat.

Just imagine if the rich man had cut down on his expenses by sending all the three children to the school in one car and used the money thus saved to provide education for a few downtrodden children in that slum.

Money intoxication
The extravagance that makes you lose your mind.

Let me narrate an interesting story to illustrate how obsessed we are with money and an extravagant life. Once upon a time a rich man gifted a dog to his son. The son and the dog became inseparable and were play mates. One day unfortunately the boy sees the dog motionless and still. He wept profusely and asked his father to get back the dog its life.

The father tried to console his son but failed. He said he will buy a similar one, but the son was adamant and went on crying. The father changed the track and proclaimed, "See, let's do one thing. We will have a grand burial for your pet dog. The body will be carried in a chariot bedecked with garlands, driven by horses. A band will lead the way. After burial, we will have a grand feast for all who attended the cremation. The boy's face lit up! He was happy and was about to get ready for the 'cremation'.

Then, the unexpected happened! The dog, which was actually unconscious, leapt back to life! The boy had a rude shock! He was expecting a feast and not the dog back to life. He immediately yelled to his gardener. "Hey, kill that dog!"

I need not elaborate any further on this story. We all live like this, mindlessly. We are possessed with extravagance. We avoid being simple and end up losing all good things in life. At times, we are forced to live so and when such an attitude dominates our mind, we are forced to become cruel to others too.

Fetish for imported goods

There are many who boast of proclaiming, "I do not buy anything local. All foreign made only!' However pretentious they are, can they remove the tag which is on them that they are only locals, i.e., Indians!

Buy only Swedeshi goods
Many foreign goods, mostly unwanted goods, are adorning the shelves of our shops. If you are not ready to give up the snobbish attitude, so be it. At least listen to this simple advice. Do not buy foreign goods. Buy only Indian goods. That would indirectly benefit our brethren and give job opportunity to our own countrymen. Many houses will have their lights lit and we would save foreign exchange to our country. Our country will also prosper and grow.

Just see this imaginary situation.
You have two workers approaching you for help; a healthy cash-rich worker from abroad and the other a poor labourer from India. You need not help any of them. Just try to stick on to 'Made in India' tag. Just buy Indian goods. That's enough. This would be the best favour one could do for saving the lives of the Indian worker. Take an oath, immediately that "I would buy Indian goods only".

What does a lavish life offer
  • Lavish life forces us towards debt.
  • Dowry deaths, cruelty, bribery, robbery, all happen due to the desire for a lavish life
  • This extravagance and desire to buy unnecessary things make producers produce such unwarranted and unwanted goods in plenty. This in turn spoils the nature. The world will become a grave yard in the next generation. Natural resources will perish, and the earth will become barren.
  • The more we buy useless things, the more they are produced. Due to an increased production, pollution increases which in turn spoils our soil, air, earth and sea.
  • More scrap and solid waste accumulate, due to the unrelated use of useless things and discharge. The packing boxes, film covers, the thermocole or styrofoam packing's, paper, all add to the waste. We end up spending money for solid waste management and disposal.
  • The vehicles which carry the waste pollute the air, sound as well as the land.
  • The place where the waste is dumped becomes a waste land, worthless for irrigation, agriculture, in short useless for habitation. We also are losing more of our lakes and ponds, which are used as dumping yards for the waste managers.
  • Diseases spread due to the waste. We spend money to cure diseases. The rising medical expenses in the city life have become inevitable.
  • Luxury invites danger. Boot-legers and criminals target people who own luxury cars. Thieves targeted those who flash their wealth.
  • Many women who walk like a show piece bedecked with jewelry also become victims of murder and theft.
What does simplicity give us?
  • Simplicity gives mental peace and solace.
  • Simplicity gives fulfillment in life.
  • Simplicity uplifts the standard of our life.
  • Simple men are always held in high esteem in the society
  • A well deserved peaceful life, fewer expenses, adores us. Savings always save us.
  • Simplicity brings us all together. If simplicity becomes a common goal for all, the other unwanted differences in caste, creed, money, economics, etc., all of them will take a back seat. Simplicity should be your breadth. If so, happiness will surrender at your feet. If not, you will be at the mercy of the demon called debt money.
  • Most of the work we were once doing physically is currently taken care of machines. All exercises are presently gone. Grinding and pounding using hands, sweeping and cleaning the floor using wet cloth with our hands, use mug and bucket to bath, washing clothes by hand in a river bed, all have become bygones. The simpler exercises we used to do are now totally not practiced.
We do not stand up to switch off a running television. We use a remote control button! Only thing which you cannot operate using a remote control is your own brethren. We have invited body ache and pains by avoiding the smaller exercises we used to do once upon a time. What do we do to reduce the pain? We run to a gym. We pour money there and try out all kinds of exercises in all types of awkward looking machines! What a farce! Should we not feel ashamed of this? Exercise is the only thing which you should do yourself. You cannot assign that task to someone else.
  • In short, we have reduced body motions by buying machines for every possible work. We have reduced normal exercises. We pay and join a gym! Then make the body sweat. What a shame! We waste money as well as time.
Travel Simplicity
I have already told you that my wife in spite of all her success prefers only to travel by train that too by sleeper class.

Travelling is one of the necessities of today's modern world. I can tell you for sure that the corporates today travel the world more than what is required, just because the travelling expenses are borne by their companies. This is not a welcome trend. Overusing the available resources even if it is not yours, does not mean that you are smart. Remember you are stealing your grandchildrens' and their childrens' properties without their permission.

Use the modern way of communication like phone, internet, Skype, mail etc., Travel only when it is required. Carry fewer luggages so that you can be relieved while travelling. Plan your travel, so that you do not face last minute hitches, you do not end up travelling every other day so that you can spend enough time with your loved ones. Less travel means less fuel spent and you are not contributing to the global warming.

It is painful to read that some head of the countries take a huge contingent with them whenever they travel to foreign countries incurring huge expenses when their countries are facing severe financial crunch, their people are suffering from hunger and poverty. Is this result of the high handedness of the politician or the inability of our society to question their wisdom?
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