Ways to be Simple
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Chapter XIII
"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves
ultimately determines the quality of our lives" - Anthony Robbins
Communication Simplicity
Do we need any more clarity on the message? The way in which we communicate is so important in our life but we see several friends mess up their life without attaching importance to it. Though this chapter alone can run into a separate book I would like to put it as simple as it could be.

The ways and means of communication has changed rapidly, but never forget that the principles of communication have never changed and shall never change.

Everyday a new gadget is introduced to the market, a new App. is offered by a software company and a new speed of transmission is achieved by some tele communication giant.

I am not talking about this part of the communication. I would like to stress about the inside to inside communication and how its simplicity shall undo your already cluttered lifestyle. Not all the electronic gadgets of this world put together can create the warmth of a handshake, magic of a hug or the mesmerism of a simple smile. As far as possible keep your communication direct without depending on gadgets. Keep your dialogue simple.

Nowadays Man is talking to the computer more that he forgot to talk even to his neighbor, family or friends. I know it has become a status symbol to have an array of latest mobiles, a laptop, palmtop, etc., etc. He carries all the gadgets with him every day but he conveniently forgets his smile at home.

Nations have fought against themselves not because every citizen was opposed to every citizen in that country. It was because the leaders did not communicate well. A simple, timely, warm communication can do an ocean of good to you, what tonnes and tonnes of papers cannot do.

However, the most important of communication is listening. You have to talk only when you have to, but try to keep it short and simple. Respond but never talk when you are angry – that is the worst thing you could ever do to you.

Send an SMS to communicate something instead of picking up the phone and chatting for three hours to someone residing next door. You could as well take a stroll and meet him personally for about ten minutes.

Use and get the benefits.
New Year Greetings and Communication Simplicity
Did you receive many cards from your friends and relatives this New Year? Please keep them safe. By the end of the year. Sign on it and mark, ''Dear _____, I was remembering you and your kind gesture throughout this year, wishes for the New Year!" Send it back to the same friend! It will be a unique remembrance and he will surely not think that you are a miser.

It saves money, and prevents cutting down of trees to make paper. In fact, the friend/ relative will respect you much beyond than what you expected from them, as you have remembered them throughout the year. Maybe, he will follow suit and send you the same-old card again, the next year. By doing so, you both help to save trees, yet cherish and nurture a friendship or relationship.

Which one is the best? You decide.
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