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Here are the solutions
for the development of the individual,
the society,
the Nation &
the Planet

ExNoRa World


Service Opportunities

7th Sense
which any one can acquire. For individual development, achieving unlimited success , remaining healthy & realising a better world, acquire immediately the

For creation of Environmental Awareness

Make your home clean, green & enviro-friendly

Home ExNoRa

To Cure the illness of the planet, Pollution

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Society, Communalism

To Cure the illness of the Family, Extravaganza

Principled Simplicity

To Cure the illness of individuals (Ailments & sicknesse)

Make your town / village clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your street clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your Flat Complex clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your OFFICE / INDUSTRY clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your SCHOOL clean, green & enviro – friendly

Make your COLLEGE clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make TEMPLES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make CHURCHES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make MOSQUES clean, green & enviro-friendly

For preservation & maintenance of water bodies

Make your mind green & enviro-friendly

For ensuring safety

Use IT Medium, for propagation of the above messages

Prevent -Plastic Pollution Prevention P3 by M3

Easy Zero waste Management P2w2

Helping Visually Handicapped

Model Projects, Vellore

Children Tree Planting
"5 Children Army"

Paperless Institution

Political Body to make the Nation stronger
1st Pillar


Executive's body role to make the nation stronger 2nd Pillar


The Judiciary role to make the Nation stronger 3rd Pillar


4th Pillar

Create a
world of friends – Friends Bank

Reform outlaws through Human Diamond Lathe

NGO Guardian




Bad News

Good news

Air Cancer

Air Cancer

Water Cancer

Land Cancer

Land Cancer