Ways to be Simple
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Chapter - I
‘Riches are a good handmaid, but the worst mistress' - Francis bacon
Men & Money
Even though there are many problems in the world, that varies from person to person, country to country, the most common problem everyone has is, "MONEY" or the need for money. Money controls the world. Industries run; business persons compete with each other, fights for positions and people take up jobs - all are to generate money. Business is done for money. Some families strain relationship for dowry issues, ending up in want of money. Man robs to get money. Before the pyre's fire puts off, the heirs fight each other for want of a share in the wealth of the deceased soul, again for money.

Money will plough down to the core of the earth.

Men and money
What does money yield?
For the poor, next to oxygen, money matters. Money gets them food, cloth and shelter. Money wipes away their sorrow.

For the middle class folks, just to maintain their 'middle class' status, they need money! If they have more money, they can buy a bigger house with more amenities. They can buy a car; go abroad; pay 'capitation' fees for higher studies; even if it is prohibitive, can discreetly give dowry for a safe marriage of their daughters. Let them earn well, but they should also learn to control their expenses and desires. Otherwise, they will lose control over the swirl of greed and desire and will put them in a crisis.

For the rich: Rich too worry about money. Their worry is about how to safe guard, their hard-earned money? How to make more money? On seeing someone richer, they yearn to beat them, by adding few more crores to their kitty. These are few worries they carry. This constant worry of making more and more money builds stress, which gives them immense pain, and invites all diseases. These diseases carry those affluent people towards the ICU of a wealthy hospital. Then they eventually lose the body worth crores for ‘want of money' or the ‘thought of money.'

So it is quite evident that Men & Money are connected. But is there any connection between money and happiness?
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