Ways to be Simple
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Chapter - II
Money only buys a small measure of happiness, and then only for those
who have the wisdom to use it properly. - Steven Scott
Money & Happiness
If some were to read what I said earlier, they will surely conclude that money is everything. However, great souls, saints, philosophers, patriots, freedom fighters, social workers, nature lovers - all are in unison by thinking otherwise!

"There is NO CONNECTION between money and merry. And absolutely no connection between money and mental peace," is what they say.

Is this a fact? Here are two veritable illustrations:

The poor rich man!
I went to a rich man's house. His house is inside Chennai main city, which covers some acres together! There must be at least 15 rooms within his bungalow. Not less than five cars were lined up in his portico. A large door behind the reception, on opening carries a huge surprise. A big swimming pool awaits you, with a springboard on its bank. You can dive into the water and come out on the rising steps.

Small trolleys carry food for guests. The food is driven to the guests' place, in these cars. They are converted to dining tables, in a moment! A big tennis court, grand wooden carvings, smooth silk carpets and many such jaw-dropping artifacts decorate the bungalow. This book would is not enough if I have to comment on everything I saw that day.

The owner of the bungalow knows me well. When I went there, he was sitting in a sorrowful mood. I was with him for half an hour. By then, two doctors had already checked him and left. One was a cardiologist and the other a diabetes specialist.

I remembered many say that this man can do anything with the money he possesses! What happened now? I slowly went near him and enquired, "I always get surprised by the wealth you have possessed, but today, I feel very sorry for you. What's your real problem?"

He replied, “I wish I lessen my burden by sharing my problems with someone else." Having said that, he then spoke with me for about ten minutes.

I could summarize that as follows:
  • A week before, the income tax sleuths have raided his house, dug the unaccounted money, and have raised an enquiry on him.
  • He recently came to know that one of his business partners had been swindling huge sums of money for a long period, unnoticed!
  • On seeing his lavish lifestyle, his factory workers have started asking for a raise
  • His son-in-law's tantrum reached a crescendo. He first received a Honda car on persistent requests, and now he wants a Benz car, again!
  • He also came to know that both his sons have illicit affairs.
  • As he always thinks of his business, he has developed no attachment or relationship with his wife
All these things put together had made this man bed ridden and a pressure driven wreck.

I suggested, “Sir, why don't you do some meditation, go for a cool swimming? These would relax your mind, body and soul!” He retorted back, “I wish I remove all the water and jump into the dry pool and commit suicide instead!"

I am known for giving solace to many parched souls, but I could not muster any reply for this man! I just bid bye and returned, without uttering a word more. The surprise element is that, when this man had a smaller unit, he was happier as I saw him but as the unit grew in size, so grew his worries, along!

The rich poor man!
The same-day evening, I had another experience altogether. The dhobie Dhanakoti, who lives in the slum next to my house, was sleeping peacefully. On hearing my vehicle's sound, he woke up, came running to open the gate of my house, to allow the vehicle in. I just enquired, “How's life man?" He gleefully replied, “All in our family went to Muniyandi Vilas for sumptuous Biriyani, saw a MGR movie and are back home. Our day today went off happily!"

Dhanakoti, his wife Mookayi, their children, all wash the clothes of their customers outside their hut. They work hard throughout the day. They enjoy working diligently. Their hard work made their arms muscular and strong. Morning eight to two noon they wash the clothes. Then they dry the clothes, have food, take some rest and after five in the evening, they start pressing the clothes and give the pressed ones to the clients' houses and come back with the collected money.

While working, the tape recorder in their hut, belts out cinema songs continuously. After 7 pm, they all squat before the black & white television and see all the programme non-stop. They laugh, clap hands and get so involved in the comedy scenes they see and are immersed into the scenes themselves! Every weekend, they visit the Mari Amman temple. Being dhobies themselves, they regularly sport well-washed, white linen. They invariably lived happily.

If at all we try to measure the happiness, through some fictional 'happiness readometer", the mercury in it, would cross all barriers and burst itself out! If we use the same meter on the rich man, I referred earlier, the mercury would never rise to any level and would stay put as if it will be frozen forever!

The vision of truth
On seeing two different families the same day, a great truth dawned upon me. Comparing these two families, I concluded that money and happiness have no connection. Money and Mental peace have no connection. Moreover, to top this all, I felt strongly, “Money and mental solace have no relationship at all!" These two instances made me do a thorough research. The result is what you see, this book. If one understands this book and its essence, the reader can get peace of mind, and happiness, forever. Money do gives comfort. However, it is only 90% a physical aberration. The mind never gets solace from money.

Let more of money be there. If you can earn more money the righteous way, please go ahead. Earn as much as possible. Any earning member should follow a strict methodology. That is why I have this book before you. Not to stop you earning money. Let's come to that important methodology one has to follow, after earning hoards of money.

What can give you mental solace?

Scores of people over centuries, including psychologists, sociologists, economists to spiritual gurus, lifestyle experts and the likes of them have attempted to find through observation, logic or even divine intervention, to know the elusive answer to true contentment in life. There were many answers for the above question. But what stood out was just one reply, 'simplicity'. The simpler you live, the more contentment, happiness and mental solace, you achieve. This is hundred percent true. Even if you earn more money and possess more wealth, just desist and be simple. Earning money is not a crime. Nevertheless, forgetting simplicity is a huge mistake! When money beckons a man, we see that simplicity tends to leave him.

Embracing simplicity whether partially or totally can bring about unprecedented changes and make a positive difference to one's life.
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