Ways to be Simple
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Chapter V
"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they
don't want, to impress people they don't like." - Will Smith
The Neighbour Syndrome
Ninety percent of the population suffers from what is called as 'Neighbour syndrome'. Do you remember the famous Tamil cinema song, "Aduthaathu Ambujatha paartheyla? (அடுத்தாத்து அம்புஜத்த பார்த்தேளா?) This explicitly explains how the singer envies her neighbour.

The very concern of what would be our neighbour's opinion makes us do things incorrectly. And the funniest part is here? Just to grab the attention of our neighbour, to attract him or to overcome him in terms of others' attention, we tend to do things differently than what is really ours.

The truth is that no neighbour has time to think of us, fathom or criticize us, leave alone adulating or finding fault with. So first and foremost, we should come out of the life term we impose on ourselves called as the 'neighbourhood syndrome'. Instead of living our fullest life for ourselves, we start living for the sake of entering our neighbour's heart or mind. In addition, neighbour means the surroundings and the society too.

The social uneasiness
How is our neighbour or the society responsible for us shedding the simple life and falling prey for a pompous life?
Here are the reasons:
Will the society think that we have become paupers, having lost all our wealth and property, if we lead a simple life?

Will they call us a 'miser'?

Will they declare us as 'mad'?

Such unwarranted thoughts engulf us, and we resort to get into a pompous life. Even if someone thinks like that, should we really worry about it? Shouldn't we decide how we live or is it the neighbour or the society, which should decide our destiny? Those who ridicule us, will they take care of us in hard times? Will they come forward to pay off our loans? Will they partake in our sorrows and pains? Will they share our burden now or ever?

‘It is not bad to be poor in wealth, but it is certainly bad to be poor in intellect'.

Prisoner of others' thoughts
Both the neighbours indulge in wealth accumulation and are under stress, thinking that the other man would always think of us, the man next door! Both think that the other man is watching his movements closely, avoid face-to-face contact, do not talk with each other and spend their lives without fear, which is not worth undergoing. We lose ourselves, our self-esteem, are trapped and fail to come out openly with a clear thought and mind.

We spend beyond our capacity to make the other man appreciate and feel envious about us. One day, we will be burying ourselves in deep depth of debt. It happens the same way in the other man's life too. This unaccounted life game becomes a threat to us; others feel hatred towards us and in fact, avoid us too. In front of our face, they hail us but behind our backs, they shun us. Some evil-minded enemies go to the extent of giving a complaint against us to the authorities, anonymously!

Therefore, by constantly thinking what the society thinks, we lose our own thinking, let our concerns to dilute and thought process to fade. We tend to bend ourselves to the thinking of the society and thus become a victim of borrowed opinion, resulting in tension and restlessness. We blame the society and conduct ourselves, even though we do not like it. In fact, we tend to become spendthrifts blaming the society, only to suffer and bear the brunt.

The movie, which detailed simplicity in an eloquent way
The director with a sharp brain who has made many movies to evoke the intelligence of the society, by mixing both comedy and realism is none other than the Tamil Director K.Balachander. He not only made commercial movies, but also ensured that they carried social messages.

Extravagance and its suffering were well documented in the Tamil movie 'Bama Vijayam'. The evils of being spending beyond ones limit is well explained interlaced with comedy, by showing how three middle-class women fall prey to the glamour world and pretend to be rich, eventually suffering themselves due to their own plight. None can forget the song, 'Varavu ettanaa, selavu patthaNaa' (வரவு எட்டணா, செலவு பத்தணா). A famous adage goes like this in Tamil, 'swell, suiting to the size of the finger', which implicitly means to spend suiting your income'. In the beginning chapters, I explained very clearly how money is not important for happiness, by two live examples.

My parents were money-minting machines…!
"Thandhai magarkkatrum udhavi avaiyathu
mundhi iruppa cheyal"

The benefit that a father should confer on his son is to give him precedence in the assembly of the learned. is the meaning of a couplet of Poet Valluvar.

An industrialist father and a leading medico mother both work tirelessly and accumulate enormous wealth to their children, but they never spared time to spend with their children. They always worried about the future but forgot the present time. Out of the enormous interest they showed in making money not even an iota was showered on the children. The children themselves had to seek appointment of their father through his secretary!

The children yearned for parental love and affection. Soon, both the sons got addicted to drugs and this went on undetected by their parents. The parents became money-minting machines but had no love. When drug addiction became too severe, the eldest son lost his life. The other son was saved miraculously by the highest and most expensive medical care! We come across many such instances in our daily lives. There are women weeping for the plight of a child in the television serial, forgetting about their own kin!

The adage 'father' is equally important as that of being named as an 'industrialist'. Both have different work and different role to play. One complete man does both jobs correctly. If he fails in his dual role, life will fail him!

The true incident mentioned above shows that the parents failed to understand the minds of the children, in spite of them being clever enough to accumulate so much wealth. Love and affection are also precious little things, which are essential in life. Therefore, what is the only way to earn eternal wealth and happiness?
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