Ways to be Simple
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Chapter VI
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci
Principled Simplicity is the way
What is principled simplicity? What are the obstacles we face while observing principled simplicity? What is the real way to live a cherished and peaceful life?

If one understands the objective of principled simplicity and gives shape to it, there cannot be a person better than you to lead the happier life. Again, what is this principled simplicity?

Principled simplicity - a definition
Another saying goes like this: 'As a cat burnt itself with hot tongs trying to imitate the tiger's stripes. We should lead a life within our earning capacity and should not fall a prey to the pomp and show outside. On the contrary, we should observe how poor folks who earned less, live comfortably than we do. 'I wept for a pair of shoes and stopped when I saw a man lacking a pair of legs' - is another proverb. This is what is aiming for simplicity. Decide from today, to lead a simple life.

Principled simplicity can be defined as a voluntary decision to lead a life based on necessities rather than wants and desires, to judiciously act in order to conserve the natural resources and to consciously avoid pomp & extravagance, thus setting an example to the future generations.

Again my idea of simplicity could be different from your idea, but in general it should be directed towards doing what you wanted to do, with whom you wanted to do, where you wanted to go and it goes on and on. What is important is to see how many YOUs are there in that sentence.

The common factor is what YOU wanted and not what others wanted it. Or things that made you happy rather than ones which made others envy you. The exemption of course is when you lead a simplified life and others will definitely envy you – That is okay.

Principled Simplicity is observed in eight different areas mentioned below
  1. Material Simplicity
  2. Behavioural Simplicity
  3. Attitudinal Simplicity
  4. Thought Simplicity
  5. Action Simplicity
  6. Procedural Simplicity
  7. Food Simplicity
  8. Communication Simplicity
Aim for natural happiness
The common aim for practicing simplicity in various activities is none other than natural happiness. Practicing simplicity should never be misunderstood as an act glorifying poverty. For the reason you lead a simple life isnot that you do not have money, but because you have decided to live so. You are not broken. You are not a miser or insane. You observe simplicity as you have that as one of the aims in life. The conscious decision was based on choice rather than compulsion. Simplicity is the path to happiness.

'Badge' - a symbol
A simple designer badge can demonstrate principled simplicity. This is how it looks:

Principled simplicity
This can be made in engraved letters either in metal or plastics and can be worn close to your heart on your shirt pocket. This can be any language denoting the initials of principled simplicity. You can wear a simple dhoti, or wear sandal slippers, but yet by seeing this badge on your shirt people will look upon you, not tease or ridicule you.

They will understand that the simple life you have chosen is by choice and not by force or situation. Principled simplicity is not a banned word! Those who see you with this badge will not think bad about you, but will look upon you as a role model. Your value will rise among them. Your style will spread like the fragrance of an incense stick to others around.

No 'badge' needed...
In fact, real practitioners with a principle of leading a modest life and is a living example do not really need any badge. Their dress, their ordinary attire and their simple deeds are sufficed to promote the idea and the person.

However, a Badge is needed...
However, let's think the other way. In case you are a simple man wearing this badge. Anyone new to this concept will surely approach you out of curiosity. You can then start explaining the concept, the virtues of simplicity. So the message spreads fast. So please wear such a badge whenever you go out. Spread simplicity, its virtues, advantages and all the goodness it brings along with it. Keep spreading the message. Do this NOW! Those who want the badges for becoming a member in 'Principled simplicity forum' can contact the ExNoRa head office whose address is given in the last page.
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