Ways to be Simple
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Chapter XIV
"Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once,
whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action" - Napoleon Hill
Principled Simplicity Action Plan
Spread the message of 'principled simplicity' easily
  • Those who practice the 'principled simplicity' model should practice this whole-heartedly and should adopt simplicity in all actions and deeds.
  • The 'Principled Simplicity' badge can be worn by them always.
  • They can print the message of 'principled simplicity' in the other side of their regular business / visiting cards.
  • "Are you eager to know what 'principled simplicity is? Ask me now!!!” can be printed on that card.
  • Preach simplicity wherever possible. Call for gatherings to discuss simplicity. Talk to schoolchildren stressing the need to be simple. Become a messenger to spread the benefits of simplicity.
  • Give this book to all known friends, relatives and well-wishers. Gift this on any occasion to them.
  • Even home and office entrance doors can have a board proclaiming 'principled simplicity'.
  • Lead a simple life and set an example
  • Please save the money saved by practicing principled simplicity in a bank. Use that to give quality education for children. Get them good books to read.
  • All simple folks observe a walkathon wearing simpler dresses.
  • Four friends can come together to start the 'Principled Simplicity Club'.
  • Meet twice at least a month to work out strategies to live simpler. Take wise decisions to cut costs and live happily.
  • We resort not to talk to others and gain money to become rich. We become aloof. Instead, we can become a member of this 'principled simplicity club' and share our experiences and knowledge with others to make them also live simple.
  • Make more members join this unique but purposeful club.
  • Start such simplicity clubs in multi-storied buildings and on roads. Inform us. We will publish and popularize your club.
  • Simplicity makes us save money. We can save this money and utilize a portion of that to donate to people who need it. Buy food, cloth and books to the needy and poor. If possible try to build shelters for the under privileged.
  • We need clean mind and control to lead a simple life. Take efforts to gain a peaceful and controlled mind.
  • Share other's joy as well as their sorrows. If you share their joy, your joy doubles. If you share their sorrow, their sorrow will be halved.
Overall, we should feel concerned about the happenings around us, to save the environment, our society. We should adopt this 'principled simplicity' whole-heartedly and preach this to others too. Only by doing this, we are making the earth a safe haven for our future generations.

Start this journey of living the life with vigor armed with the strategy of 'principled simplicity'. Come on! Soon!

One logical question of yours
You may ask, 'if all start observing simplicity, will not the industries fall apart? Will not many factories, which produce goods for the buyers, close down? Many may lose jobs!' – yes, this is a meaningful question.

Simplicity does not mean being a miser. One should always buy what we consider is very fundamental and avoid buying non-essential things. The result - essential goods production will go up. Production of unsolicited things will go down.

If principled simplicity is observed by one and all sincerely, savings will grow; social awareness and work will improve health standards will increase.

Quality goods which are essential would be produced more and would also pave the way for exports and earn foreign exchange for our country. Very few industries would lose business, but many new ones will spring up. By and large, economy would not perish or diminish, but will cherish along with simple living.

The natural resources are not omnipresent and immortal. We may usurp all of them one day. By practicing 'principled simplicity' one will be forced to use the natural resources only for producing essential goods. Depletion of nature will reduce. These are the best benefits of simple living.

The money thus saved by living simple, can be utilized to serve the poor and needy.

If savings increase
If savings improve, the banks can utilize the money as its resources for lending for many useful purposes. A job opportunity for many will spring up. Here is a sample list:
  • Barren land can become a cultivable land.
  • Rivers can be embedded.
  • Ponds can be deepened and cleaned.
  • Wells can be bored.
  • Trees can be planted
  • We can re-conserve and grow forests
  • Can cultivate a vegetable garden
  • Can start medicinal herb cultivation
  • Can create parks
  • Can make money out of waste
  • Can do rain water harvesting
  • Can stop erosion of natural resources
  • Can reduce pollution
  • Can build hospitals
  • Can use the money for more social cause and work
So we can make such countless efforts by creating more and more jobs within ourselves as shown above.

Do not forget…
'We are spending and ending natural resources, but are hardly spending human resources properly'.

Let's learn and take an oath to increase use of human resources and save natural resources. Overall, a healthy world would beckon us.

Dear Parents…
You teach your child how to read, write, compete, pray, conduct him or herself. Is that all needed for one to lead a complete life? Where will they live if the land, water and air they need, is under threat? There would be a huge shortage of natural resources in the near future. Land, air and water would be polluted to unimaginable levels. (Join ExNoRa forums to save earth and control pollution)

No money can save your future generation. Only principled simplicity can save their lives. You should follow that and teach your children and others too. Encourage your child to follow principled simplicity. Teach them the skills to adopt simplicity.

Old story and a new definition
A king wanted to conduct a great yagna, a ceremony. He wished all his subjects to participate in it and ordered each of them to donate one litre of milk for the ceremony. He was observing them with pride, obeying him, pouring litre after litre into the big vessel kept for that purpose. Later, when the king opened the vessel, he was shocked to see the vessel full of water! Each citizen thought to himself, "When others pour milk, what would happen if only I pour a litre of water as my contribution? It will get mixed and go unnoticed." To everyone's surprise, all of them cheated themselves and the king by pouring only water and no milk!

We can take this story as an example for a different reason. Do not think others should start leading a simple life. You start first. You be the leader. Do not wonder "why should I bother or worry about extravagance? Why not others do it?” Rather, start leading a simpler life yourself. Think, "All good things begin with me.” Follow the beautiful philosophy of 'principled simplicity'.

I would remind you the words of Martin Luther King again…

"The problems we see around us are not caused by evil men. It is because of those good men who remain silent!” Break that silence. Do social work. Give voice to the concerned.

What should we do next?
Hope you have completed reading this book on 'principled simplicity'. Extravagance or simplicity – which one to choose? I know your mind is again slightly wavering, but it is normal. Without a judge to hear both the sides of the debate, I know your heart must be parted with two opinions.

If the man and the woman in a family are of opposite nature- one, a spendthrift and the other, a simple one - there is surely bound to be a rift and sparks. I have tried to put my best thoughts forward through this book, with suitable examples and anecdotes to make all in a family adopt the 'principled simplicity'. In whatever angle we see life or a situation; we are clear that simplicity scores over all other phenomena and is a must for all to adopt.
If we follow that. Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Shall follow us. Nine victories are scored over by just using the mantra of success. These nine are:

Victory to the environment

Victory for the restoration of natural resources

Victory to a planned and economic life

Victory for savings

Victory to your own 'money purse'!

Victory to the serene and calm hearts

Victory to the health of all concerned

Victory for the family welfare

Above all, those who adopt 'principled simplicity' can live without fear and guilt.

The 'principled simplicity forum or club'

This club should be started in every single hamlet, village, town and city. The members would be called as 'Principled Simplicity'. Their messages spread to all working offices, public places, industries, schools and colleges. The message should spread among all habitats.

Those starting principled simplicity forum or club shall get it registered with the Head office of the "Principled Simplicity Forum" in Chennai and their office bearers should have account of all work done and money involved. This is mandatory.

  • The members should meet at least once in a month and discuss strategies and experiences on how one can adopt simplicity and how to spread this message further. You may discuss on the extravagance and spending attitudes, the methods to prevent it, the methods to prevent the urge to spend, how to control children becoming spendthrifts and so on…
  • In each meeting a NEW PRINCIPLED SIMPLICIST should be identified and honoured or appreciated in public
  • There is no need to insist that the meeting should be conducted only in a simple way
  • It can happen below the shades of a big tree, in a class room or in a park. No meetings should be conducted in hotels and rented places
  • We all should join hands, practice 'Principled Simplicity' and make our heritage and culture driven lives a good one, everlasting one, so that we give back our motherland what she deserves best. Good luck
Principled Simplicity Forum
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#40, Rams Apartments
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Tel: 91-44- 2363 8877 / 2815 3377
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