Ways to be Simple
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Chapter IV
The root cause of destruction is not money, but greed. Money beyond
the need, greed, causes all trouble. - Nathaniel Hawthorn
Self Promotion & Publicity
The politicians today and even some of the Religious Heads advertise themselves. They keep themselves figuring in tall digital banners and posters competing with the skylines. Some of these even fall off and injure the common public which walks gazing at those monstrous cutouts! They encourage their so-called 'supporters' and acclaim many 'titles' to themselves as a prefix or suffice to their names. They celebrate their birthday with pomp and extravagance.

Raise that comes with simplicity
The Great men we discussed earlier never did advertise themselves. There was neither internet nor websites during their days. No televisions or cell phones. In fact, there weren't that many publications or newspapers like what we read today. In spite of such short falls, they were famous.

The whole world was familiar with these names. What gave them fame was their simple lifestyle, their philosophy, their work and the path they lead. They not only preached simplicity but also lead by example.

Live, live happily
There is an uncomplicated way to lead a happy life. That is to lead a simple life and to proclaim that simplicity will be the only motto to lead that life. This book shows you the way on how you could lead a simple life yet filled with profound happiness. But first you should stop thinking about what others are thinking and doing.
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