Ways to be Simple
I dedicate this book to
Mr. Anandapadmanabhan, a close friend of mine. He was a born leader and was a living example for the youth. He aspired and worked hard to change the life of today's youth, to make them more educated, prosperous, so that they become worthy citizens of tomorrow's India.

He silently but meticulously taught the school children, that simplicity is the best virtue to excel in life. Though the God of death has been so cruel in taking away the life of our dear Anandapadmanabhan, he lives forever in our minds, inspiring us to lead a life with simplicity.

I dedicate this book with tears and fond remembrance, to the epitome of simplicity, my friend.

I also dedicate this to my loving wife…
I do not believe in the proverb, "to make or destroy; it is the woman's will." I respect womanhood. I believe in another proverb whole heartedly, which says, "Wife is the gift by the Almighty."

There is a turning point in every man's life. His appearance, lifestyle, thinking, dress code - all go for a change during his marriage, or soon after his marriage.

A good wife reforms the bad. In the same way, a simpleton turning to dreadful habits after marriage is also common. There are instances, where one who could not resist the lavish life-style of a spendthrift wife has resorted to make money in unethical means. I should say that I am lucky and blessed to have a wife who is one of the inspiring forces, which has made me to pen this book.

I was simple ever since I grew up. After marriage, simplicity took strong roots in my family. My wife, a Postgraduate practicing medico, also practiced simplicity. She retired from service as the Director of Madras Medical College.

Despite the prestigious posts that she had held, she never allowed her position or fame to affect her path of simplicity. By nature, she possessed simplicity as a jewel and this quality astonishes me!

She always travels by public transport. She buys the vegetables and groceries required on her way back home. She cleans the home, sweeps the floor without engaging any servants. She travels by II sleeper class only while traveling by train. She checks the price of any commodity before she buys and settles with the one with the lowest price tag. She never applies 'make up' for herself. Extravagance has no place in her vocabulary. She also gets along with others with simplicity and straight-forwardness.

I dedicate this book to my wife who is the simplest and modest woman in my life. I am sure this book will bring happiness to countless people who will enjoy reading this book and absorb the contents to enrich themselves and their lives.

With love and gratitude,
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